Soup Cafe

Location: 61 Academy St
Phone: 732-900-6857

Monday - Saturday: 11AM to 4PM

Soup is nourishing and a great value for the price, certainly it is a comfort food and a staple of Western culture. Soup is perfect when you have a hectic day scheduled and you need something filling to keep you throughout the day. Especially when you couple our soups with our handpicked flavor packed Caribbean based sandwiches. At the end of the day, it is about our creativity and caring about what we do and the community we serve. You can order a quart or more of any soup for pick up next day, pre-order soup now. We also offer a daily selection of six hot soups for dining in, delivery or pick up. Feel free to sample anything that is hot! Sandwiches are made to order, average wait time is 10 minutes. Therefore we encourage you to call ahead to place your order to avoid wait.